Electrical Services

HT/LT Distribution: Depending on your electrical load profile we will design the most cost effective electrical distribution installation to meet your needs. Your electrical distribution system may need to be future proofed for future expansion of your building or process. We at CCE will design your HT/LT distribution network efficiently to meet your requirements.

Lighting Systems: Lighting is one of the most visible and important items that we get involved in when designing buildings. We cannot underestimate the importance of lighting on your finished building. When designing and selecting a lighting system we consider cost, energy usage, glare, aesthetics, controls, health & safety, and environmental impact. We put together concept lighting schemes for indoor and outdoor applications. We design the optimum lighting schemes to cater for every need, including energy efficient day-lighting, exterior lighting including environmental impact assessment for planning, offices, retail, residential, leisure, restaurants, and conservation & historical buildings.

Sports lighting: We at CCE specialise in the design of sports lighting systems. Whether for your local GAA or soccer pitch, large stadia, athletic facilities, greyhound track lighting, horse racing & equestrian, tennis, rugby and golf we at CCE have the expertise to deliver you a lighting scheme to meet the most challenging criteria. In the selection of our lighting schemes we consider all technical requirements such as vertical and horizontal luminance, glare, health and safety, capital costs, running costs, controls, and environmental impact.

Lighting Controls: lighting controls are a very important aspect of your lighting systems and has the potential to add a myriad of features, such as scene setting, energy efficiency, versatility, safety, integration with audio visual (AV). Whether you are looking for simple on/off controls, day lighting and occupancy sensor, or fully programmable integrated lighting control system we at CCE can design the best solution to fit your needs.

Power Systems: We design your power supply solutions to suit your needs whether temporary or permanent generators, UPS systems, isolation transformers for specialist application in medicare, education and industrial applications.

Information Technology (IT): The information technology industry is evolving rapidly and it is important that your structured cabling, fibre optic, or wireless installation is future proofed to keep your business at the cutting edge of technology advances. We at CCE ensure that we consider your future IT needs when selecting an IT system for your business.

Audio Visual & Public Address (AV): The personnel at CCE have extensive experience in the design of audio visual (AV) and public address systems for the entertainment, education and leisure industry. Together with our specially selected partners we can design and specify public address systems to support, speech, music and sports commentary for a wide variety of applications including churches, theatres, convention and conference centers, classroom & lecture theatres and indoor & outdoor concert venues. We also can advise on stage lighting and control systems for theatre and music venues.

Home Automation: Home automation is the term used to describe the integration of lighting controls, heating controls, entertainment and security systems all working together on easy to use touch screen control panels located through-out your home or business. The home automation system can be used to control, home cinema, automated blinds, centralized music systems, access control, security & CCTV, heating & air conditioning, telephone & data systems & satellite TV distribution systems. Again together with our carefully selected partners we can help you select the home automation systems to suit your requirements and budget.

Security & CCTV: Security has become a major issue for everyone today. Whether in your home or your business, protecting personnel and property, CCE personnel have the expertise to design and specify your security needs. We design and specify CCTV systems, gate automation & intercom, intruder alarm systems, conventional and biometric access control, security barriers and car park control systems.

Fire detection and Alarm systems: When CCE selects and designs your fire alarm and detection system we consider carefully all your requirements including capital costs, maintenance cost, health and safety for access and maintenance, effectiveness and compliance with regulations. We at CCE will ensure that your fire alarm is fully compliant, commissioned and certified before handover of the project.