Mechanical Services

Renewable energy sources: Coffey Consulting Engineering (CCE) offer complete design solutions for wind turbines, geothermal, air to water heat pump, hydro and solar installations. We will compare the different types of energy sources available to you and report on the options open to you to ensure that you are maximizing your renewable energy potential with the most cost effective solutions.


Heating: CCE have the necessary expertise to design the most energy efficient LPHW or MPHW heating systems for domestic and commercial applications.


Ventilation and air conditioning: The main purposes of air-conditioning (HVAC) systems are to help maintain good indoor air quality and thermal comfort through adequate ventilation and filtration. HVAC systems are among the largest energy consumers in buildings. CCE specialise in the design of energy efficient ventilation and air conditioning systems for commercial and industrial buildings.

Water Services: CCE provide the design expertise to ensure that our clients have sufficient water storage, suitable treatment and distribution of hot, cold and mains water services throughout your building. We also ensure that the necessary Legionella protection is incorporated into your water services systems.

Above ground drainage (Soils and wastes): We include in our service the design of all above ground soils and wastes systems including advice on grease trap specifications.

Controls: Control systems on your HVAC system is paramount to an effective and energy efficient heating and ventilation system. We design and specify control systems in such a way as to ensure the smooth and efficient running of your HVAC systems. We specify smart energy control solutions to allow you to monitor your energy consumption in real time.

Sprinkler Systems: CCE provide specifications and tendering for sprinkler systems to ensure you get the best value solutions for your sprinkler installation whether for commercial or industrial buildings.

Medical Gases: CCE has the expertise to design and specify all type of medical gas installations for the health care industry. This includes nitrogen, helium, and oxygen etc.

Fire fighting: Mechanical fire protection systems such as, portable fire extinguishers, fire hose reel installations, wet & dry risers, foam inlet systems and fire hydrant systems are an essential part of fire protection in today’s complex buildings. CCE offers complete design solutions for all fire fighting systems.

Compressed air Systems: CCE offer design solutions for compressed air systems for commercial or Industrial applications.

Fuel storage: CCE provide advice on fuel storage systems for heavy oil, diesel fuel, kerosene, petroleum, bulk wood chip, and pellet storage. We will ensure that your fuel storage installation complies with local authority, fire and environmental regulations.