Water Treatment & Purification Systems

Swimming Pools: We at CCE are involved in the design of water treatment systems for both domestic and commercial pools. The personnel at CCE have extensive experience in the design of filtration, oxidation, and dosing systems for large municipal swimming pools, commercial pools and smaller domestic pool installations. We also specify specialist equipment of swimming pools such as bubble pools, jacuzzis, sauna’s, slides and play features.

Water Treatment & Purification Systems: Typical problems with water supplies are, hardness, mineral deposits such as iron & manganese, odour and taste, bacteria and pollutions such as nitrates & sulphates. We consider all the following treatments when selecting water treatment solutions, chemical dosing, ionic water sterilization, magnetic water conditioning, ultra violet disinfection, and reverse osmosis (RO). Whether your water supply is used for drinking, cooking, process or medicare we will design the most cost effective and safe solution to your water supply problems.